LOCAL NO. 2​1​1



Associate  Inspector  (Housing) (Prom)

Test Date: Saturday May 20,2017

May 2017

Dear Brother and Sisters,

I would like to welcome all our new members. I am happy to say both agencies have been hiring more and more inspectors these days.

                       We are in the process of e-mailing study aids to our delegates in HPD. Please see your delegate or contact the union via this website for the information. The union office will remain open late for the next two Tuesdays for those wishing to come in for additional leadership training.  

  I have already started talks with HPD to have DCAS administer the inspectors test as soon as possible and plan to do the same for our brother DOB inspectors.
 Our actuary is in the process of completing a new benefit page for our website. I will post it as soon as it is completed.

                   I would like to remind our new members that they are on probation the first year and it is always important to remain as professional as possible throughout their career in and out of the workplace.

* Walk in office hours are between 9:00 AM and 2:00 Pm                                                          

* Please call into the office for eyeglass vouchers.                                                                           

* New Inspectors please note it can take up to 30 days for the application process

to be completed.This is not a deadline! This is only how long it takes

*If you have not automatically received an application in the mail, please request one through this website.

*Updated: we have a basket with new applications available in office vestibule 

*You must include 25 dollars application fee along with a copy of your marriage and birth certificates for all dependents.

* The union itself does not collect the dues deducted from your pay. The city makes this deduction from your pay whether you join the union or not.

* Updated:The medical plan you select is managed thru your city agency. This includes prescriptions for any Injectable or Chemotherapy Drugs

*The Union has coverage for most other medications, as well as dental, chiropractic, podiatry, eyeglasses and hearing aids.

* Any foreign documents submitted to the union must be translated by a recognized entity or that country’s embassy.


Dave McCredo c.p.c.a.

President Local 211   

Copyright D. McCredo All rights reserved. 


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