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LOCAL NO. 2​1​1



Update: Job Posting /TEST # 8011- Inspector Housing

Multiple Choice Test is scheduled for Tuesday  12/19/2017


Walk in office hours are between 9:00 AM and 2:00 Pm                                                           

Please call into the office for eyeglass vouchers.                                                                           

New Inspectors please note it can take up to 30 days for the application process

to be completed.This is not a deadline! This is only how long it takes

If you have not automatically received an application in the mail, please request one through this website.

We have a basket with new applications available in office vestibule 

You must include 25 dollars application fee along with a copy of your marriage and birth certificates for all dependents.

The union itself does not collect the dues deducted from your pay. The city makes this deduction from your pay whether you join the union or not.

The medical plan you select is managed thru your city agency. This includes prescriptions for any Injectable or Chemotherapy Drugs

*The Union has coverage for most other medications, as well as dental, chiropractic, podiatry, eyeglasses and hearing aids.

* Any foreign documents submitted to the union must be translated by a recognized entity or that country’s embassy.

You Must be sworn in after your are approved to become a member!!!


 ​                                                                                                                       October 2017

           I am sad to inform our members of the passing of Brother Inspector Gregory Health.Memorial service is Saturday October 21 st at the

First Presbyterian Church.      89-60 164 st, Queens NY. 11432

             Time of reflection 10am to 11am /Service 11am to 12 pm

Dear Brothers and Sisters.

               I would like to welcome the new training class at the Department of Building. The agency is continuing to increase its ranks to the highest numbers we have seen in many years. We are looking forward to include them into local 211 as soon as possible.

                We are still looking to have a meeting with the department to discuss the role of the newly hired investigators. Two key members of the administration have left the agency. We are awaiting their replacements.

            I highly recommend that HPD inspectors who are taking the exam in December to do their best to study for the exam. In the past the inspectors who teamed up into small groups to prep for the exam did very well. We will have the office open once a week a month before the exam for those who need a place to study. We plan to have a retired inspector come into the office to discuss previous exams.

                   We hope this will alleviate some conflict of interest issues we have encountered in the past regarding training. The city is urging all inspectors to do their best to pass the exam due to concerns over Long Beach decision regarding provisional employees.

                     Please keep monitoring this website for future information regarding the test.


David McCredo c.p.c.a.

President local 211






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