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LOCAL NO. 2​1​1




Executive Board

Section 1. The Executive Board shall consist of the President-Business Manager, Vice-President, Recording-Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary, Treasurer, three (3) Trustees, three (3) Auditors, Conductor, Guard and the three (3) Executive Vice Presidents.

Powers of the Executive Board

Section 2. The Executive Board shall be the policymaking and administrative tribunal of this Local Union. It shall have such powers as may from time to time be delegated to it by the action of this Local Union, or conferred by the Constitution. All acts of the Executive Board shall be reviewable by this Local Union but shall be maintained in full force and effect, subject only to revocation by action of the membership if taken at the next subsequent membership meeting following the adoption of the act in question. The Local Union is authorized, upon affirmative vote of the Executive Board, to pay all expenses for investigation services, employment of counsel, and other necessary expenditures in any cause, matter, case or cases where a Local Union officer, delegate representative, employee, agent or one alleged to have acted on behalf of the Local Union is charged with any violation of any law or is sued in any civil action with respect to any matter arising out of his/her official duties, except if such officer, delegate, representative, employee or agent is charged with a breach of his trust to the Local Union or any member thereof, in which event he/she may be indemnified only if the action is terminated favorably to him/her.

Section 3. All powers are vested in the President-Business Manager when the Executive Board is not in session. Acts and decisions of the President-Business Manager shall be reviewable by the Executive Board, only as such review shall be permissible under the International Constitution and shall not interfere with the President-Business Manager's appointment powers.

Section 4. The Executive Board shall meet as often as necessary, but shall meet at least once a month, the Thursday after the first Tuesday of the month.

Section 5. Seven Board members at a meeting shall constitute a quorum for legal transactions of board business.

Section 6. The Executive Board shall select a Chairman and a Secretary to conduct and record its business.


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