Attention all Inspectors. Optical voucher request will no longer be accepted from the office after August 25th.We will be using an online system starting September 1st 2019 

                                                  IUOE Local 211                               August: 2019                                          State of The Union                                                                  
                              The contract we signed was beneficial for local 211. We received wage increases, retroactive payment and gave no givebacks.  We signed on to the paid family leave act so inspectors can get time off to care for their loved ones. We also added to our longevity plan. We are letting the city know now, that we will be negotiating for a step plan in our next contract. I will do whatever needs to be done to get the inspectors on the way to get to the top of grade. 

                              I have filed a grievance with the Office of Labor Relations seeking the rightful completion of our agreement with the city. The Department of Housing Preservation and Development came to local 211 seeking a way to make the agency more competitive with the department of Buildings. We agreed to provide all the inspectors with a $ 1,026 service increment to help off set the higher starting salary at DOB. When the inspectors received their pay increase, only certain units received the service increase. We will grieve this to no end until all inspectors are given the money promised to them.
                               The Department of Buildings while providing a higher starting salary is denying the percentage increase to inspectors who were hired after certain start dates of the contract. This too is unfair to the inspectors. I have also filed an additional grievance with the Office of Labor Relations and will have our attorneys fight this till they too provide the increase to the inspectors regardless of when they started.
                                  I am happy to announce that the change I initiated to our bylaws allows Local 211 officer elections to be held by mail-in ballot for the first time in our nearly 50-year history. Please vote for the candidates of your choice. Please note, only dues paying members will be allowed to vote. A PDF dues form has been posted on our website for your convenience
                                  In order to streamline the office workload due to the large increase of DOB inspectors, as of 09/01/19 our optical voucher system will be replaced with an online system. You will only need to go to your nearest GVS store or affiliate and provide you employee information to obtain optical services. Your membership information will be in their online data base. For those of you who prefer your own provider, the union optical reimbursement form is posted on the web-site as a PDF as well as other most often requested forms from the office. Please go to the information link-Healthcare benefits to down load the forms. We are also in contact with the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations looking for non-paid interns who would be willing to assist in our office.
                                       I hope everyone enjoys the remaining summer.

  David McCredo cpca

  President local 211












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  • Walk in office hours are between 9:00 AM and 2:00 Pm. Update:The Office will remain open late on the nights meeting occur.(See Calendar)                                                    
  • Please call into the office for eyeglass vouchers.                                                                           
  • New Inspectors please note it can take up to 30 days for the application process to be completed.This is not a deadline! This is only how long it takes

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  • We have a basket with new applications available in office vestibule 

  • You must include 25 dollars application fee along with a copy of your marriage and birth certificates for all dependents.

  • The union itself does not collect the dues deducted from your pay. The city makes this deduction from your pay whether you join the union or not.

  • The medical plan you select is managed thru your city agency. This includes prescriptions for any injectable or Chemo therapy Drugs

  • The Union has coverage for most other medications, as well as dental, chiropractic, podiatry, eyeglasses and hearing aids.

  • Any foreign documents submitted to the union must be translated by a recognized entity or that country’s embassy.

  • ​​You must be sworn in after your are approved to become a member!