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Test Prep Tips and Fast Facts

  • Review test info before exam date to confirm you have what you need. Official Exam notification can be found on NYC.GOV, or linked on our Training page


  • You should receive your admission notice in the mail 10 days before test. If you do not have notice at least 4 days before exam, you must go to exam support group at 1 Centre St. New York, NY.


  • Bring admission notice /card/photo I.D to test center.


  • Bring two #2 pencils in case test is not a computer based exam.

  • Bring most basic calculator for exam. The four function calculator noted on exam notice is almost impossible to find! Even toy calculators have more than 4 functions.

  • Inspectors were allowed to use calculators with more than four functions at the last test, but not many more.


  • Cell phones, beepers, pagers, cameras, portable media devices are not allowed.

  • Avoid making plans to be picked up after exam ends to prevent the need to rush through the exam.

  • Avoid leaving blank answers if permitted.

  • Keep double checking your location of answers on test sheet. Up, down, across.

  • If you skip a question, confirm the skip on the answer sheet

  • Inspectors making up their own small study groups have been very helpful in the past.

  • Neither the union nor anyone else knows exactly what will be on the test. You need to review as much information that you can. 

  • Do not immerse yourself in any one subject, change subject matter.

  • Eat light meal before test to avoid feeling tired, bananas or blueberries are good choice of fruit to stay alert.

  • Bring bottle of water with you. Dispose/drink if not permitted.

  • Bring your glasses if you need them. The last exam had very low quality drawings that were difficult to discern (magnifying eyeglasses can be purchased at dollar store).


  • Review basic punctuations, differences between similar sounding words. There may be instances of reading comprehension questions.

  • Know how to do basic square footage and cubic yardage calculations. Practice with your basic calculator.

  • The same fast facts the union distributed for the inspectors test can still be used as a study guide for the Associates test. I will redistribute and add additional info.

  • Brush up on basic zoning, building sections, blueprint symbols, Building Code, Etc...


  • Answer scenario questions with responses that show the most propriety and respect.

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