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  • Please call into the office for eyeglass vouchers.                                                                           
  • New Inspectors please note it can take up to 30 days for the application processto be completed.This is not a deadline! This is only how long it takes

  • If you have not automatically received an application in the mail, please request one through this website.

  • We have a basket with new applications available in office vestibule 

  • You must include 25 dollars application fee along with a copy of your marriage and birth certificates for all dependents.

  • The union itself does not collect the dues deducted from your pay. The city makes this deduction from your pay whether you join the union or not.

  • The medical plan you select is managed thru your city agency. This includes prescriptions for any Injectable or Chemotherapy Drugs

  • The Union has coverage for most other medications, as well as dental, chiropractic, podiatry, eyeglasses and hearing aids.

  • Any foreign documents submitted to the union must be translated by a recognized entity or that country’s embassy.

  • ​​You must be sworn in after your are approved to become a member!














March 2018  

Dear Brothers and Sisters

​              I assume many of you in DOB know by now that DCAS has sent out notification letters informing you of test results from recent civil services exams. We have received many calls pertaining to wages and duties in regard to accepting new positions. Please feel free to call the union hall if you still have any questions. I have also been contacted by DCAS. They have informed me that they will be reviewing challenged questions to the recent housing inspector exam shortly. The union has submitted the names of inspectors representing the union to be part of the review process.We are still waiting for test result notifications to HPD inspectors.                                                                                                                

The Supreme Court has begun to hear the Janus V. AFSCME case as we have mentioned in the previous newsletter. The decision is expected in June 2018. This case could have significant ramifications to public sector unions thru out the country in the event of an unfavorable decision.                 

                 The IUOE has a special fight back conference meeting next month. Several locals including local 211 have been asked to attend to prepare for the decision in the case. The New York City Municipal labor committee is expected to meet with the city to also prepare for an unfavorable decision and minimize the aftereffects in  ​the city union forces. I will be attending the MLC meetings and keep you posted of any significant results.                                                                                                                           I will be attending the 107th Anniversary Commemoration of the Triangle Shirt Waist factory fire where 145 workers died, mostly young immigrant woman, This will take place Friday March 23 rd. It will be held in the village on Washington place and Greene St NYC, where the fire took place. This fire resulted in changing many building codes in New York City and the country. Please have a safe and happy        

Saint Patrick's Day                   


David McCredo c.p.c.a.

President local 211



LOCAL NO. 2​1​1

Update: 03/17/18  Attention: HPD inspectors.parking permits are scheduled to be distriubuted this coming Monday 03/19/18

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